Palm Beach Gardens

Palm Beach Gardens

Spring is a good time to begin growing and digging, although planning can take place before the snow melts. Gardeners spend most of the summer watering, weeding, and watching young plants grow with the use of orchid food. Fall is a good time to plant trees, shrubs, bulbs, and some perennials.

1. Get an idea. Is this going to be a vegetable garden? An herb garden? A flower garden? If you choose to grow flowers, do you want annuals, which you must replant each year but which give color most of the summer? Or do you prefer perennials, which have a shorter bloom time but come back year after year? You can mix any of the above—after all, it’s your garden. Just one bit of advice: Start small and try to get as much as help possible from experts. Consider to try MyLawnCare Melbourne as they can help provide exceptional service towards your garden which is bound to make your home look better. ‘Tis better to succeed just a little, than to fail grandly. You should also remember that your trees in the garden need regular checkups as damaged or unwanted trees should be removed right away. Contact Georgia Tree Company for residential tree service.

2. Pick a place. Almost all vegetables and most flowers need about six hours of full sun each day, and don’t forget that When doing common gardening chores e.g. pruning garden scooters improve your mobility and comfortability. Spend a day in your chosen spot and watch how the sun moves across the space. It might receive more sun than you think. But don’t despair if your lot is largely sunless; many plants tolerate shade. Check plant tags or ask the staff at your local garden center to find out how much sun a plant requires.

Put the garden where you can’t ignore its pleas for attention—outside the back door, near the mailbox, by the window you stare out when you dry your hair. Place it close enough to a water spigot that you won’t have to drag the hose to the hinterlands.

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